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Copyright House, Highly Affordable and Secure Copyright Registration Service

What Copyright House Provides For You

1. Real Copy

If there is a dispute over copyright ownership, you will need to have proof that you are the owner of the work in question. Copyright House gives you "Real Copy" copyright protection. That means, in the case of infringement of your work, we can show an exact copy of your work in a court of law. This real copy, along with the certificate of registration, is a very strong proof that you are the owner of the work.

2. Independent Third-Party Proof of Copyright

Copyright House, as a UK private limited company, can provide independent third-party proof of copyright.

3. Unlimited Registrations - Really Unlimited without Caps!

When you choose our lifetime package, whether you make a single registration or register unlimited works, now or in the future, every registration secures your copyright for a lifetime.

4. Unlimited GB Space - Really Unlimited without Caps!

Upload small or large files without caps. Even if you need 10GB, 100GB or 1,000.000GB space to register all your files, then that's perfectly OK and allowed. At Copyright House we don't like limitations and we're proud to be the only copyright registration service (as far as we know) that offers unlimited Gigabytes space.

5. Free Affidavit

In the case of infringement of your work, when legal action is needed, Copyright House will provide a FREE affidavit (worth £150) certified in the presence of a UK Commissioner of Oaths. This document plus the exact copy of your registered work, will, on your request, be sent to the court and lawyer dealing with the infringement case.

6. Secure Uploads and Storage

With Copyright House all your files are uploaded through a secure private server using an "Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate". Your files are NOT uploaded through a shared hosting server. After uploading your files we download and encrypt them and store them in fire-proof datasafes. Encrypted copies are also deposited in the strong room of a solicitor's office and in a secure bank vault. Every 3 years we make a backup of all registered works to prevent data loss.

7. Certificate of Registration

Immediately after every uploaded file in your secure upload area you can download the particular certificate of registration for that file. You'll also receive this certificate by email as a pdf attachment. The certificate shows: your name, company name (if applicable), username, title of registered work, file name, file size, registration ID, date and time of registration, security code and any other information you have given about the registered work.

How to Register

It only takes a few minutes to protect all your works. Create a copyright account and upload your works through our secure registration area. Once uploaded, your works will be protected immediately. You'll receive an email with a certificate of registration for each submitted work. You can also download certificates from within your secure account area.

How can your copyright packages be so cheap?

At Copyright House our philosophy is that every creative person should be able to register their work without having to pay the earth. We think they should be able to register all their works, including any updated versions or adjustments of any kind without having to pay again each time. We're able to offer this service at such a low price because good news travels fast. Every day new customers sign up and so we gain and they gain too.

Register your creative work NOW!
You wouldn't want anybody else to copy your work and pass it off as their own.

Without proper registration it could be difficult to prove copyright ownership if somebody else copied your work and claimed to be the creator.

Copyright House recommends that you always register your work without delay. Register any new work or update of a previously submitted work before you perform, publish or exhibit it in any way. This could prevent a lot of problems.

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