Could I register my songs after I've published them on the web?

Ideally you should register your songs, or artworks, photos, literature etc BEFORE you publish them anywhere. You will be surprised to know how many song writers, book writers, painters, poets and designers publish their works on the internet without registering them first. Any unscrupulous person could easily copy or download your songs and sell them as their own. They could even register your songs in their name! How would you feel if somebody got hold of your precious work and you have no proof that you're the genuine copyright owner? Don't let it happen to you, register your work before publishing it.

Frederique Patterson, Poet

"I am so pleased to have found Copyright House ®, and although a lot of my work was done years ago, at least now I have peace of mind knowing that my work is safe and my rights protected. It is a sound financial investment, because it is not just about the here and now, it is about your peace of mind for the future too, because ideas are dynamic, what is relevant for tomorrow may not be relevant for today. Plus, I am grateful for the time, help and guidance which the company has provided."
Frederique Patterson, Poet.

Sebastian Galassi, Satyrist, Composer

"What can I say, I am pleased with Copyright House ®. Now my work is safe with the company's care behind it. After their service, there isn't a musician in the UK who wouldn't trust their work to their seal of quality. When looking back over the years I've spent with them, I can say that I am proud to be a lifetime subscriber - for one good turn deserves another. They are a real boon!".
Sebastian Galassi, Satyrist and Composer.

Tara Della Hopley.

"I joined Copyright House ® because it is very clear and concise and laid out nicely making it easy to understand and simple to use. That's what I like! For me the Five Year Package seems just right at this stage, and nice and manageable. And the fact that one can simply renew the package for a set fee, without any upheaval is great! Also the fees seem reasonable and one gets a good package which equals value for money. Thanks again!"
Tara Della Hopley, Writer.

About Copyright House ®

Office Copyright House
  • Copyright House ® is the trading name of the UK company Copyright House Limited.
  • We currently operate in 40 countries.
  • The total number of copyright registrations worldwide is: 337,159.
  • We provide secure, affordable copyright protection.
  • Files are uploaded through a secure private server using an "Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate".
  • Files are encrypted and stored in fire-proof data safes.
  • Encrypted copies are stored in the strong room of a solicitor's office.
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  • Every 3 years we make an extra backup of all registered works to prevent data loss.
  • All our packages allow unlimited registrations.
  • All our packages allow unlimited Gigabytes space.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • We issue a free certificate of registration for each registered work.
  • We provide a free affidavit (worth £150) when necessary.
  • Registrations are listed free of charge in the Copyright House ® Directory of Registered Works. (Unless you choose to opt out)